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Neema means Blessing, Women are a Blessing


NEEMA means a blessing, a favour, an act of generosity, although it is done to someone.

We think that women are a blessing made to humanity.

A large number of women suffering from mental health problem and difficult living conditions. Multiple studies have shown that they are the most affected by the evils of our society, such as precariousness, insecurity, violence, mental problems, and all these have repercussions on all of society levels, especially on children.

Currently women are considered the weak link in humanity, often harassed or infantilised while it is quite different, women are the engine of this world, without entering the feminism claimant, we want to support them, accompany them , and motivate them on the importance of their role so that they can fully take their place in this world and flourish.

For 2 years, we have been supporting women so that they can accomplish themselves personally and professionally. And we have thus created a strong and interconnected community.

We are a multidisciplinary team that has travelled a lot, speaks several languages ​​and has mastered several cultures.

We have carried out several humanitarian actions for 10 years around the world Asia, Africa, Europe. We have met exceptional women with an incredible life stories. Refugee centres with success stories.

We wish to bring our expertise in a variety of services adapted to the needs of women, from a global perspective,

 At Neema Women Community, any women who needs help with their mental, even if they do not think it is a major issue in their life, can get the help needed.


"Each time a Woman stands up for herself, She stands up for all women.”






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