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Domestic Abuse and Violence Training

We are passionate about delivering training that influences best practices and improves and enhances the effectiveness of front-line professionals working in the field of violence against women and girls. 

Our training program is centred around four key themed which represent the foundation of our training:

Unit 1: Principle of Domestic Violence

This unit presents a comprehensive overview of the different aspects of domestic violence comprises. The unit covers what domestic violence is, how it may begin, who perpetrates abuse, and how to identify when it may be happening. It also provides an outline of the impact DA can have on numerous settings, including children, and the mechanism for the detection of DA.


Unit 2: Working with Victims and Supporting them

 This unit covers a number of components in relation to working with victims of domestic abuse and how to support them efficiently. The unit explores the importance of following an open-minded and sensitive approach when interacting with survivors, whether they are vulnerable adults or children. An exhaustive definition of the term “victim” is also covered as well as an insight into the perpetrator’s conflicted mental window.


Unit 3: Understanding Communities and Cultural Background

This unit explores the importance of understanding the term “communities” in the local area setting and how to apply it to a developed knowledge of the different local cultural backgrounds as BAME. Learners will be trained to follow the Blank Mind Approach (BMA) and to be mindful of the concept of identity. Finally, an overview of the manifestation of domestic abuse within communities will be discussed using real-life past case studies.


Unit 4: Future of Domestic Abuse

This unit will evaluate the current approaches to DA prevention and reduction, in order to understand the challenges and problems. This will serve to build an appreciation of new strategies and plan with increased efficacity and suitability. Furthermore, the concept of Multi-Agency Networking is discussed in-depth with plenty of examples.

Tailored Training

Our training is interactive, participatory, thought-provoking and sensitive to the needs of our participants. We know that when it comes to training, one size does not fit all. That’s why when you come to us, as standard, we will have an initial discussion with you to find out how we can tailor our packages to best meet the needs of your organisation and staff teams. We’ll ask questions about the challenges your staff are facing and what kind of outcomes you would like to see from this training to inform our approach.

Domestic Abuse Course

Level 1-3

We offer a Domestic Abuse Training Course which is available on three Levels (Level 1-3). this course has been designed for frontline workers and professionals to get practical and comprehensive training in Domestic Abuse.

Bespoke Domestic Abuse Training

Domestic abuse training can also be provided to your staff (in-house or online), to work around your needs and timeframes. with this option, you also have the opportunity to tailor the training provided to the need of your organisation. Fill out the form below for more information. 

Domestic Abuse Basic Awareness Sessions

We provide community groups and organisations with the option to deliver domestic abuse awareness training to their service users and clients. The training covers basic principles to understand domestic abuse and how to access support. 

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Get in touch with one of our advisers to find out more about the training option we have available:

Phone: 0121 688 6430


Address: 249a Ladypoor road,

Women Enterprise Hub,

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